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School History 

Saint Theresa’s School was opened 1st February 1931 by the Bishop of Dunedin, Bishop James Whyte. The school contained two rooms separated by a folding door, which meant that it could be used as the church on Sundays. Forty-three children began class on 4 February 1931, Sister Mary Petronill teaching Standards 1 to 4 and Sister Mary Rinaldo the infants.

Due to roll growth, extra classrooms were added in 1947 and 1961. In 1995 modern buildings replaced all of the original school. In 1998 another classroom was added to bring the total to 12 rooms. In 2005 the school became part of the review of Invercargill schools and was decapitated from being a year 1-8 school to a year 1-6 school. 
In 2011 a prefabricated room and extension space was added to bring the number of classroom to 13.

Saint Theresa’s has roll of approximately 300 pupils from New Entrants to Year 6.

Our Staff

Mr Julian Ineson


Room 1

Mrs Anna-Marie Middlemiss 

Year 4

Room 2

Mrs Tina Hogan 

Year 3

Room 3

Miss Laura McGrath

Year 2/3
Middle Syndicate Leader

Room 4

Mrs Michelle Meredith 

Year 4

Room 5

Mrs Nicki Radka

Year 5/6

Room 6

Mrs Diane Tait

Year 5/6

Room 7

Mr Chris King 

Year 5/6
Deputy Principal
Senior Syndicate Leader

Room 8

Mrs Jenny Russell

New Entrants

Room 9

Miss Shantelle Marshall 

New Entrants

Room 10

Mrs Karen Hartmann

Year 1/2
Director of Religious Studies

Room 10

Mrs Kirsten Addie

Year 1/2

Room 11

Ms Megan Shaw 

 Year 1/2

Room 12

Mrs Jane Milne

Year 2
Junior Syndicate Leader

Office Manager

Mrs Lauren Maley

The school office is open from 8:30am until 3:00pm.
Contact via phone - (03) 2176502

School Chaplain 

Father Tony Harrison

Teacher Aides

Mrs Tracey Shirley
Mrs Mary Brown
Mrs Shelley Coutts
Mrs Tracey Dermody
Mrs Anna McKay
Mrs Jamie Wallace


Mr Wayne Rayner

Reading Recovery Teacher

Mrs Karen Hartmann

Sports Co-ordinator

Mrs Amy Telfer

Cleaning Staff


Whanau Groups 

Children at St Theresa's are all part of a Whanau Group. One example of Whanau group activities is the House Colour Day that we have at the beginning of the year. 

Each Whanau group is named after a Saint that is important to the character of the school. 

Whanau Groups photos and information

Parent Teacher Association


Our purpose is to provide support for the school. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an integral part of the St Theresa’s School community. The PTA contributes towards social and fundraising activities within the school community. The PTA supports the Principal and Board of Trustees to ensure the best possible opportunities are available for the students within our school. We welcome all parents/caregivers to the PTA.

• Support for families, parish priest and staff

• Community events

• Support school / class masses and liturgies

• Fundraising for various projects and resources

• Support school extra curriculum activities

• School Disco

• School sports uniform


Any parent/caregiver of St Theresa’s School can be a member of this Association.


The officers of the Association shall be a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The officers shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting of the Association.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the operation of all activities under the name of the St Theresa’s School PTA.

Members outside the Executive Committee may, with the Executive Committee consent, work on behalf of the Association.

Sub committees will be set up to work on specific projects as and when required.

Meetings are advertised on the school calendar and within the school newsletter. All parents/caregivers are most welcome to attend.