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Whānau Groups

St Dominic

Honesty (Ngakaupono) Brave (Toa)

Dominic was born in the north of Spain in 1173. He was a charismatic leader and he could evaluate situations and act quickly. He had confidence in his own ideas and in the people who shared them. Dominic had a love of learning and was considered a very good organiser.

It was said of Dominic that he loved everyone so everyone loved him.

He founded the Dominican Order of which our school is founded upon. It is the Dominican Cross that is in the centre of our school crest. His feast day is August 8th.

St Vincent de Paul

Compassion (Aroha) Courage (Whakamanawanui)

Saint Vincent de Paul was born on the 25th April 1581. He became a priest in 1600 at the age of 19. Saint Vincent de Paul was helpful, kind and caring. He was involved with charity and was responsible for the establishment of The Sisters of Charity. Our school has a volunteer group of ‘Young Vinnies’ who raise funds and do good deeds for those in our community, New Zealand and overseas. His feast day is the 27th September.

St Therese

Doing the little things well

Theresa Martin was born in France on 2nd January 1873.

It was from an early age that she wanted to give herself to God.

When she was fifteen, she entered the Carmelite convent in Lisieux, France. She said, “What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love” and she attended to everyone and everything with great love. She spent the next nine years of her life living faithfully the life of a Carmelite nun.

She discovered what she called her ‘little way’ – a way of confidence and trust and of loving God. The rose is recognised as a symbol associated with her and she is often referred to as the ‘little flower’.

She died on 30th September aged 24 of tuberculosis after a long and painful illness. She was canonized in 1925 and we celebrate her feast day on the 1st October.

St Mary  

Love (Aroha) Kind (Manaaki)

Mary is often depicted in blue even though in real life she wouldn’t have worn coloured clothes because dye was only for the rich and royal members of society. She is seen in it because she is seen as royalty.

She was born in Nazareth, Israel and her parents were Joachim and Saint Anne. As a young child Mary attended Mass and became very close to God. She was chosen to be the mother of Jesus.

Mary died at the age of 59, 48AD and was said to of gone up to heaven body and soul, which is known as the ‘Assumption’. Mary is the principal patron of New Zealand. Her feast day is the 24th September.