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St Theresa's School Smokefree Policy and Procedures

PURPOSE: St Theresa’s School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its employees, children and the public who enter the premises.
RATIONALE Providing a smoke free environment. The Smoke-free Environments Amendment Act (2003) is a government regulation requiring school buildings and grounds to be smoke free from 2004. This procedure outlines how the school will comply with this legislation.

* The smoke free policy applies to all visitors to the school, for example, relieving staff, parents and contractors.
* In accordance with the requirements of the smoke free legislation, the school will display appropriate signage at each entrance to the school.

*  The purpose is to ensure that all people who come onto the grounds are aware that the entire grounds are considered smoke free.
*  Where appropriate, contractors and visitors to the school will be advised of the policy.
* Current employees will be regularly reminded and all prospective employees will be given or shown a copy of this procedure.
* While the purpose is not to create confrontation, any person seen smoking within the school grounds should be asked to cease.
*  Smoke free areas include the school road crossing patrol for staff on duty. Employees who smoke will be asked to ensure they cannot be seen smoking by students (even if off the school grounds).
*  Education outside the classroom and other similar events held off-site are also considered to be smoke free.
*  Parent helpers in particular will be reminded prior to such trips that they must not smoke while looking after pupils.
* The use of electronic smoking devices (also known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes) is prohibited in any place where smoking of tobacco products is prohibited by law. This directive applies to all employees, visitors, volunteers, students, contract workers, delivery personnel, etc who enter the school setting or environment which includes facilities and properties of St Theresa’s School. This includes all school excursions.

COMPLAINTS All complaints involving smoking will be referred to the Principal. The investigation shall follow the procedures as laid down in the Smoke Free Environment Amendment Act (2003).

Formulated: November 2016
Approved: November 2016
Reviewed / Ratified: Triennially