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Concerns and Complaints 

Why have this policy and what is it for? 

St Theresa’s School philosophy encourages active participation and dialogue between parents, student’s teachers and Principal for their mutual benefit. While it would be ideal for all dialogue to be positive, from time to time concerns and complaints regarding the operation of the school at all levels will arise. There needs to be guidelines and procedures in place so that these concerns can be voiced and acted upon at the appropriate level in a constructive and objective manner.

How will we do it? 

The Board of Trustees acknowledges that its role within the school is one of governance. The Board acknowledges that the role of the principal within the school is one of management and he/she is therefore responsible for the day to day administration and professional leadership within the school. The Board acknowledges that the teaching staff is responsible for the management of their classroom learning programmes and pupils learning needs with professional advice and leadership from the Principal.